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'I want our customers to experience the true face of the producer and the atmosphere of the land from every glass of sake they pour.

And I want people in society to know how wonderful it is to be a bartender, a profession of which I am very proud."

With this in mind, a book has been published about the unique journey of a bartender.

'The Travelling Bartender'.
-From Asakusa. A European journey in search of the ultimate drink - by Yasutaka Nakamori (Sofusha).

1. journey of passion - Spain, France - 2011
2. journey of return -Scotland- 2012
3, Journey of Friendship -Portugal, France- 2013


The Travelling Bartender 2
-Traveling through Europe and seizing a new world with my own hands - by Yasutaka Nakamori (Kouseisha)

Trajectory of journeys from 2014 to 2016
1. reunion journey - France, 2014
2. journey through - France, Belgium - 2015
3. a journey through the rage - Italy, France - 2016

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