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Owner and bartender - Yasutaka Nakamori

Born in Asakusa, Tokyo, Mr Nakamori always vowed a passion for the cultural and flavour richness of worldwide liquors. After graduating from university, he worked at a specialised store handling selections of alcohol and food coming from all around the globe. There, he mastered the art of international alcohol distribution. Eager to deepen his knowledge and connect with his customers, Mr Nakamori then started a bartender career which revealed all his talents. After several years of experience working at different bars, he fulfilled his dearest dream by opening his own bar in 2005. Located in his hometown Hanakawado, the BAR DORAS has ever since rejoiced his customers with the most sophisticated cocktails as well as exceptional scotch and cognac selections. In fact, the drinking experience at the BAR DORAS is not only an exquisite journey for the taste buds but also for the heart. You will have the chance to listen to Mr Nakamori himself passionately sharing his knowledge about world cultures and European traditions based on his numerous travels and years of expertise.


“Beyond a refined beverage, Alcohol is a journey for the soul” ー Yasutaka Nakamori

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